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Home / Juniors / Junior Sailing Courses / Terms & Conditions
Home / Juniors / Junior Sailing Courses / Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

When you are booking onto a course, you will be asked to acknowledge and agree to the following terms & conditions. Please ensure that you are aware of what you are agreeing to before booking.

I acknowledge and agree to the following:

Bray Sailing Club is a recognised Training Centre accredited by Irish Sailing. All courses offered are approved and inspected by Irish Sailing to ensure that the club's courses comply with Irish Sailing guidelines. Visit for more info.

All our club safety manuals, policies and assessment including our child safety policy are available to download at

Participants are not permitted to bring any alcohol, matches, lighters, or weapons of any kind to the club.

All participants must have achieved a minimum amount of expertise as defined by the individual courses. They should also be comfortable in water out of their depth, be able to tread water for 2 minutes, and be able to hold their head under water for 10 seconds.

If you provide your own boat, it will be checked before use.

Trainees should arrive in their wetsuits on the first morning of each course and their instructors will then advise them as to what they should do for the rest of the week.

Each child is responsible for providing their own clothing for sailing in e.g. wetsuit, buoyancy aid, cagoule and appropriate footwear on the water e.g. runners, wetsuit boots. Please note that flip-flops, Crocs, sandals etc. are not considered suitable footwear.

There is a limited amount of club gear available for use . However these must be reserved and a refundable deposit of 50 euro must be paid at least 48 hours in advance of the course starting. This can be organised by emailing

Places on courses are limited as we must adhere to a strict instructor-trainee ratio. Places will be allocated strictly on a first come, first served basis. Applications for places are only valid when submitted with payment. Once an application has been accepted and a place on a course allocated, cancellations and refunds will be subject to our cancellation/refund policy (see below). If the club is unable to accept an application for any reason, any fees paid will be refunded.

For a sailing course to be as effective as possible, trainees should be on the water as often as possible. Unfortunately, as weather can be unpredictable, this is not always possible. In this event we will organise shore-based activities which are a mixture of sailing theory and games. There may be occasions on which we cannot provide shore-based activities, if this happens, refunds will be made for any days cancelled as a result.

Course participants under 13 are not allowed to leave the confines of Bray Harbour and Bray Sailing Club at any time during the course hours. Participants who are 13 and over can only do so if written permission has been provided by their parents.

All participants are expected to play their part in the effective running of the course. This means participating willingly, following the instructions of instructors, supporting other participants and being respectful, polite and friendly to instructors, other club members, and fellow course members.

In keeping with the family ethos of the club, we also require parents to play their part in the effective and cost-efficient running of our courses. To this end, each child attending a course will have a parent (or other suitable adult) rostered for a half day's duty as "Shore Parent". This is an essential safety role and does not require you to go on the water. Please bear this in mind when booking courses.

Any participant who is found to have "borrowed" another participant's property without permission will be asked to leave the course immediately.

Bullying in any form is strictly prohibited, this includes spreading rumours, name calling and exclusion as well as the more obvious forms.

I accept that my child's participation in the club's activities is at my sole and exclusive risk and responsibility in every respect.

I acknowledge that the Club, its trustees, officers, staff, and members have no responsibility in respect of loss of life, injury or loss of or damage to property that my child or any other person may sustain arising from participation or intended participation howsoever arising.

If applicable, I confirm that my child's boat is insured against third party liability for a minimum of EUR1,300,000 to cover my liability in connection with my child's participation on the course and for the period it is parked in the Club.

I agree that other trainees have permission to sail in our boat as assigned by an instructor.

If my child is using a boat belonging to a third party, I agree to produce permission from the owner allowing my child to use their boat and also written assurance from the owner that the boat is insured against third party liability for a minimum of 1,300,000 to cover my liability in connection with my child's participation on the course and for the period it is parked in the Club.

If it becomes necessary for my child to receive medical treatment during the course and I am not contactable by telephone, I hereby give my consent to any necessary medical treatment and authorise the Senior Instructor in charge or a member of Bray Sailing Club's management team to sign any document required by the medical authorities.

I agree that if my child shows any symptoms of Covid 19 infection during a course, that they will be isolated and I will be contacted to come and collect them immediately.

I understand and agree that my child might be photographed and/or videoed and that these photographs and videos might be used by the club and might be uploaded onto the club's various social media sites e.g. Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and others.

I understand and agree that my child might occasionally be contacted directly by sailing club officials and instructors in relation to club matters.

I understand that depending on the situation at the time, that I may have to complete and return a Health Declaration form on the Saturday or Sunday preceding a course. If this is required, I also understand that failure to do so may result in my child not being allowed to attend the course and no refund will be available for any time missed

I agree to adhere to the Parents Code of Conduct and that agree that my child(ren) must also sign and agree to the Childrens Code of Conduct as a condition of them taking part in Junior Training.

If my child is not already registered on the Irish Sailing Passport System, I agree to allow Bray Sailing Club to register my child and record their achievements on this system. Further information can be found at

I also understand that I am committing to undertake at least a half day's shore parent duty.

Cancellation Policy

0 to 2 weeks before course start date - No Refund

2 - 4 weeks before course start date - 50% refund

4 - 8 weeks before course start date - 75% refund

8+ weeks - 95% refund

Last updated 14:11 on 4 May 2024

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