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February 2023

Sunday 12th 14:00 Winter Series 22/23 Fallback to be confirmed Cancelled Dinghies book
Monday 13th 20:00 - 22:00 BSC Main Committee Meeting Club Bar
Sunday 19th 10:00 Winter Series 22/23 L2 S2 Dinghies book
Thursday 23rd 20:00 - 23:00 BSC Cruiser Class AGM Cruisers
Sunday 26th 15:00 Winter Series 22/23 Fallback to be confirmed Provisional Dinghies book

March 2023

Saturday 4th 09:00 - 18:00 First Aid Course - full day Club Bar
Saturday 4th 19:00 - 23:00 Private Event Provisional Club Bar
Sunday 5th 09:30 Winter Series 22/23 L2 S3 Dinghies book
Tuesday 7th 19:30 - 21:30 Sail Steering Committee Club Bar
Sunday 12th 13:30 Winter Series 22/23 L2 S4 Dinghies book
Sunday 19th 09:00 Winter Series 22/23 L2 S5 Dinghies book
Sunday 26th 14:30 Winter Series 22/23 L2 S6 Dinghies book

April 2023

Sunday 2nd 09:00 Sunday Series S1 Dinghies book
Tuesday 4th 19:30 - 21:30 Sail Steering Committee Club Bar
Sunday 9th 13:30 Sunday Series S2 Dinghies book
Saturday 15th 17:00 - 23:59 Private Party Club Bar
Sunday 16th 09:00 Sunday Series S3 Dinghies book
Tuesday 18th 20:00 BSC Cruisers Lift-In Meeting Cruisers
Sunday 23rd 13:30 Sunday Series S4 To be confirmed ? Provisional Dinghies book
Saturday 29th 18:00 H1 Holiday Series (Sunset 20:50) Cruisers
Sunday 30th Sunday Series S4a Dinghies book

May 2023

Monday 1st 09:00 H2 Holiday Series Cruisers
Tuesday 2nd 19:30 - 21:30 Sail Steering Committee Club Bar
Saturday 6th 7th Instructor Training Course CommRoomBooking
Saturday 6th 11:00 C1a Coastal Series Dun Laoire via Kish Cruisers
Sunday 7th 12:00 Sunday Series S5 Dinghies book
Sunday 7th 12:00 C1b Coastal Series - Return from Dunlaoire Cruisers
Saturday 13th 17:30 S1 Cruisers Sat Series Cruisers
Saturday 13th 17:30 17:30 SB1 Skill Build SkillBuild
Sunday 14th 19:00 Sunday Series S6 Dinghies book
Monday 15th 19:15 W1 Weekday Series (Sunset 21:18) Cruisers
Saturday 20th 10:30 Keelboat Regatta Cruisers
Saturday 20th 10:30 10:30 SB2 Skill Build SkillBuild
Sunday 21st 12:00 Sunday Series S7 Dinghies book
Saturday 27th 16:30 S2 Cruisers Sat Series Cruisers
Saturday 27th 17:00 17:00 SB3 Skill Build SkillBuild
Sunday 28th 18:00 Sunday Series S8 Dinghies book
Monday 29th 19:30 W2 Weekday Series Cruisers

June 2023

Saturday 3rd 10:00 H3 Cruisers Holiday Series Cruisers
Saturday 3rd 10:30 10:30 SB4 Skill Build SkillBuild
Sunday 4th 11:30 Sunday Series S9 Dinghies book
Monday 5th 11:30 H4 Cruisers Holiday Series Cruisers
Tuesday 6th 19:30 - 21:30 Sail Steering Committee
Saturday 10th 16:00 16:00 SB5 Skill Build SkillBuild
Saturday 10th 16:00 S3 Cruisers Sat Series Cruisers
Sunday 11th 18:00 Sunday Series S10 Dinghies book
Tuesday 13th 19:30 W3 Cruisers Weekday Series Cruisers
Saturday 17th 09:30 09:30 SB6 Skill Build SkillBuild
Saturday 17th 09:30 C2 Coastal Series to Kish Lighthouse Cruisers
Sunday 18th 11:00 SH Single Handed Opt 1 Cruisers
Friday 23rd 15:00 Mid Summer Regatta 1 Dinghies
Saturday 24th MidSummer Regatta 2 Dinghies
Saturday 24th 14:30 14:30 SB7 Skill Build SkillBuild
Saturday 24th 14:30 S4 Cruisers Sat Series Cruisers
Sunday 25th 16:00 Mid Summer Regatta 3 Dinghies
Thursday 29th 19:30 W4 Cruisers Weekday Series Cruisers

July 2023

Saturday 1st 10:30 10:30 SB8 Skill Build SkillBuild
Saturday 1st 10:30 C3 Coastal Series & Race in G'stones & RNLI Cruisers
Saturday 1st 14:30 S5 Cruisers Race in Greystones Cruisers
Sunday 2nd 10:00 Sunday Series S12 Dinghies book
Saturday 8th 14:30 14:30 SB9 Skill Build SkillBuild
Saturday 8th 14:30 S6 Cruisers Sat urday Series Cruisers
Sunday 9th 16:00 Sunday Series S13 Dinghies book
Wednesday 12th 19:30 W5 Weekday Series Cruisers
Saturday 15th 10:00 10:00 SB10Skill Build SkillBuild
Saturday 15th 10:00 S7 Cruisers Saturday Series Cruisers
Sunday 16th 10:30 Sunday Series S14 Dinghies book
Saturday 22nd 12:45 12:45 SB11Skill Build SkillBuild
Saturday 22nd 12:45 C4 Coastal Series to Howth Cruisers
Sunday 23rd 14:00 C4 Coastal Series - from Howth Cruisers
Sunday 23rd 15:00 Sunday Series S15 Dinghies book
Thursday 27th 19:00 W6 Cruisers Weekday Series Cruisers
Saturday 29th 10:00 C7 Cruisers Coastal to Wicklow Cruisers
Saturday 29th 15:00 C8 Cruisers Coastal from Wicklow Cruisers
Sunday 30th 09:00 Sunday Series S16 Dinghies book

August 2023

Saturday 5th 13:30 13:30 SB12Skill Build SkillBuild
Saturday 5th 13:30 H5 Holiday Series Cruisers
Sunday 6th 15:00 Sunday Series S17 Dinghies book
Monday 7th 15:00 H6 Holiday Series Cruisers
Thursday 10th 19:00 W7 Weekday Series Cruisers
Saturday 12th 09:00 09:00 SB13Skill Build SkillBuild
Saturday 12th 09:00 S8 Cruisers Sat Series Cruisers
Sunday 13th 09:30 Sunday Series S18 Dinghies book
Saturday 19th 11:30 11:30 SB14Skill Build SkillBuild
Saturday 19th 11:30 C9 Coastal Series to Malahide Cruisers
Saturday 19th 12:30 Murdoch Regatta Dinghies book
Sunday 20th 12:30 C6 Coastal Series from Malahide Cruisers
Sunday 20th 12:30 Sunday Series S19 Dinghies book
Saturday 26th 18:00 18:00 SB15Skill Build SkillBuild
Saturday 26th 18:00 H7 Holiday Series & Taste of Greystones Cruisers
Sunday 27th 08:30 Sunday Series S20 - breakfast sail Provisional Dinghies book
Monday 28th 19:30 W8 Weekday Series Cruisers

September 2023

Saturday 2nd 11:45 11:45 SB16Skill Build SkillBuild
Saturday 2nd 11:45 Kish (Regatta Option 2) Cruisers
Sunday 3rd 13:00 Sunday Series S20a Dinghies book
Sunday 3rd 13:00 SN Single Handed Opt 2 Cruisers
Friday 8th 16:22 W9 Cruisers Weekday Series Cruisers
Saturday 9th 18:00 S9 Saturday Series Cruisers
Sunday 10th 09:00 Sunday Series S21 Dinghies book
Saturday 16th 11:00 11:00 SB18Skill Build SkillBuild
Saturday 16th 11:00 S12 Cruisers Coastal to South Burford Cruisers
Sunday 17th 12:00 SH Single Handed Opt 3 Cruisers
Saturday 23rd 16:00 16:00 SB18Skill Build SkillBuild
Saturday 23rd 16:00 S10 Cruisers Sat Series Cruisers
Sunday 24th 18:00 Sunday Series S23 Dinghies book
Saturday 30th 08:00 Cruiser Lift Out Cruisers

October 2023

Sunday 1st 12:30 Winter Series 23/24 L1 S1 Dinghies book
Sunday 15th 11:00 Winter Series 23/24 L1 S2 Dinghies book
Sunday 29th 10:30 Winter Series 23/24 L1 S3 Dinghies book

November 2023

Sunday 12th 09:30 Winter Series 23/24 L1 S4 Dinghies book
Sunday 26th 10:30 Winter Series 23/24 L1 S5 Dinghies book

December 2023

Sunday 3rd 14:00 Winter Series 23/24 L1 S6 Dinghies book
Sunday 10th 09:00 Winter Series 23/24 L1 S7 Dinghies book
Sunday 17th 13:30 Winter Series 23/24 L1 S8 Dinghies book
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