Dinghy Race Results

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2020 Murdoch

2020 Return To Sailing SH

2020 Return To Sailing DH

2020 Sunday Series

2019/20 Winter Series



2019 Senior Helmsman


2019 Sunday Series

2019 Pico Club Regatta 

2019 Mid Summers


2019 Murdoch Dinghy Regatta 

2019 Junior Regatta

    2018/19 Winter Series


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    2018 Senior Helmsman's Championship

    Previous Winter Series (over two legs)

      Winter Series 17/18 Leg 1

      Winter Series 17/18 Leg 2

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             MidSummer 2018

           Our Junior Regatta results (2018) per fleet can be found below:




          Our Murdoch this year was combined with the cruisers - the Dinghy Results are below



          2017 Previous results (archived soon)

            Previous results: